02/04/2015 Afropop Worldwide, Concert preview , 'AFROPOP PRESENTS: AFROBEAT AT BROOKLYN NIGHT BAZAAR'

Fans of Fela Kuti, Afrobeat and funky good times can rejoice! Afropop is proud to present Chop and Quench “The Fela! Band,” Underground System, and Damian Quinones y su Nuevo Conjunto, with DJ Earl Maxton (Antibalas), at Brooklyn Night Bazaar this Sat., Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

Anyone who has seen the Fela! musical on Broadway is familiar with the Afrobeat excellence of Chop and Quench. The group is made up of Fela! cast members, including the show’s star, Tony Award nominee Sahr Ngaujah, who thrillingly captures the unmistakable, magnetizing presence of Fela on stage.

Underground System, another of New York’s most explosive Afrobeat acts, stands out as one of the few led by a female singer (and flutist): Domenica Fossati. The band has expanded from its roots in Fela’s sound to styles as diverse as Italian folk and baile funk. They also put on a mindblowing show–definitely not to be missed.

Closing off the bill is Damian Quinones y su Nuevo Conjunto, a Brooklyn-based group that plays music of a different variety–including tropicalia and salsa—but in a similarly funky groove.

If you went to the last Brooklyn Night Bazaar show we sponsored back in July, you know that this is a fantastic venue with food, blacklight mini-golf and plenty of good vibes. Come on down and get in the groove! [165 Banker St., Brooklyn, NY 11222]